3 Rest Day for Runners Tips


In any type of training schedule, a rest day for runners is an important part of letting your body recover from continued stress and work in a week. Not only does it help prevent injuries, but it restores glycogen stores (the energy needed for your muscles to perform), and provides a much-needed mental break in your training. Here are three types of rest days we recommend to build into your schedule.

1. Easy running day: An easy run is especially recommended after a hard day of working out, to allow your body to recover from the previous day or days of hard running. To determine a pace for an easy run, you need to be able to carry a conversation easily with another runner without getting winded. By taking that slower pace, you help build your base line and endurance, while letting your body relax while running. if your legs are feeling especially tired, take your easy running day to the gym and get on a bike: this will help alleviate stress on your joints, while still giving you an easy work out.

2. Easy recovery: Our easy recovery day is a way to help you body work out the kinks and relax your muscles. Sort of the in-between of an easy running day and a completely off day, easy recovery gives your body an opportunity to build strength at a slower, easier pace. For easy recovery, we recommend 30 minutes of a complete stretching routine, or a yoga session. You’ll get the benefits of keeping your limbs limber, while reducing your stress levels and giving your body a needed break.

3. Complete rest: A complete rest day involves no athletic work at all: you continue with your day without doing any type of exercise. Not only does it restore glycogen levels in your body, but it keeps you from injuring yourself from overuse and stress of you body and muscles. In addition, it helps you take a mental break from working out, letting you relax and not worry about your demanding training schedule. All athletes need a complete rest day, so don’t feel like you’re falling behind if you think you shouldn’t have one.

Doing either 3 (or all) depending on what your body tells you can help you have a more successful training schedule, and therefore, improved results.

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