3 Ways To Excel at a Runner Diet

3 Ways To Excel at a Runner Diet

Congratulations! You have joined the world of running and whether you prefer sprints, marathons, or just a nice 5k jog around the neighborhood, it is important to have a runner diet that will keep your body in excellent form. Some people might get away with running consistently, yet eating poorly, but one day that will catch up to them. It is so much more beneficial to have a healthy diet and here are four ways to excel at dieting as a runner.


It is easier to diet when you have all the right foods in your home and all the wrong foods out of your home. It may hurt, but raid through your cupboards and throw out those Twinkies and candy bars and stock up on healthier snacks. You will begin to notice that real food like fruits, vegetables, rice, and beans will give you added energy, mental clarity, and alertness. Not only that, but the healthier you eat the more you will actually be turned off by that key-lime pie.

Cheat Once In a While

You may think this goes totally against what was previously discussed, but if you succeed at replacing your cupboard with healthy food you can allow yourself occasional cheat days. If every day of the week you have meals consisting of fish, salads, soups, and chicken, then on Friday you can pat yourself on the back and get a burger.

Watch Your Sugar Intake

Sugar is the bane of our existence. It is in almost everything and as a society we eat entirely too much of it. Be sure to read labels of the food you buy and count how much sugar is in each food product. Sugar not only leads to a myriad of health problems, but contributes the the feeling of lethargy.

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