4 Tips on Running Faster

Beginner runners getting amped up for that first road race are always looking for running faster tips. These 4 awesome tips will not only help you pound the pavement faster, they’ll keep it fun and injury-free.

4 Awesome Tips to Run Faster

  1. Use intervals to work your pace and your endurance - If you only practice sprints when you run, you only work on your pace. Instead, alternate between a fast pace and a slow one to work on both your speed and your endurance. When it’s race time, you’ll be ready to deliver high performance for longer.
  2. Jump rope on your off days - Jumping rope is an amazing exercise when you want to burn calories, and boxers love it because it helps them be light on their feet when dodging blows. The great news is, the lightning speed that you develop from jumping rope will also help you to move your feet faster when you run.
  3. Work hills to push your body - Running on hills boosts your lung strength and your leg strength, two key factors for running speed. Once a week, do a hill run that gives you at least 30 straight seconds of climbing. Stay relaxed and take it easy to build your muscles.
  4. Fuel your body right - You are what you eat, so it’s important to eat healthy to give your body the fuel it needs to perform. Plan to drink half your body weight (in ounces) of water each day to remain hydrated. While protein is king for muscle building, complex carbs will power you through your run.
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