5 Runner Excercises to Get you Ready for Your Next Race

A lot of people think that there is no such thing as runner excercies.  To exercise as a runner all you have to do is run, right?  Of course conditioning is an important part of exercising as a runner but you can supplement that conditioning with exercises like these to make positive leaps in your training.

Squat 100s

A major hurdle that any distance runner needs to get over is the build up of lactic acid in their muscles.  Squat 100s accomplish that goal while helping to build strength and stamina in your legs.  The idea is simple just do 100 (or as many as you can) squats in a single set.  You will feel the burn and it will be worth it.

Calf Raise 100s

This concept is the same as the squats; you are doing 100 reps per set in order to build up strength and stamina while getting over the lactic acid barrier.  The biggest difference here is that the calf muscles help keep your posture correct which keeps you from tiring out prematurely.


No 100s here, unless you want to paralyze yourself.  Deadlifts will help to strengthen your legs and butt, but the most important area that is strengthened is your lower back.  This prevents fatigue and improves posture for the entirety of the race.


Crunches are a classic exercise which strengthens your core muscles.  Strong core muscles aid in both posture and balance to improve posture and balance which reduces fatigue and prevents accidents while running.

HIIT Running

Racing is just as much about short sprints as it is long distances which is why High Intensity Interval Training exercises can really help your overall time and endurance.  HIIT running consists of short bursts of sprinting between steady running for instance you may run for one minute then sprint for 30 seconds and back and forth for 10 minutes.  The overall time and time of the interval can be changed to suit your needs.

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