5 Runner Problems to Avoid

Avoid Runner Problems

As a runner, you need to be sure that you avoid problems that are going to slow you down or even cause yourself to become injured. Here are five runner problems that need to be avoided:

  • Running in the Wrong Shoes: The wrong running shoes can lead any runner down the path of injury. If you run often, you should consider going to a specialized running shoe store where they do an analysis of your feet and the way that you run in order to pick the right shoes for you.
  • Ignoring Pain: Pushing through pain is another common way that runners suffer from injury at some point. Pain should not be ignored, and if it is experienced while you are running, you should slow down or take a break. This will prevent major injury and give you time to treat the problem before it becomes worse.
  • Skipping Warm Ups: Stretching before a run is crucial. If it is skipped, it can lead to you feeling tight while you are running, or becoming subject to bad cramps that will cause you to stop your running workout before it is complete. This is especially dangerous when running a race. You want to warm up so that pushing yourself to finish the race in your desired time will not lead to injury.
  • Not Hydrating: Many runners want to avoid a water break since it will take away from completing the run in a faster time. However, the downsides of dehydration are going to slow down your time much more than a small water break will. Dehydration can lead your body to feeling weak, and thus not allowing you to finish your run strong.
  • Running on an Empty Stomach: Your body needs food in order to become energized enough to complete a run strongly. You need to eat at least 90 minutes before a run. There are many pre-workout foods that are going to help you complete a run without becoming fatigued. Fatigue can distract you from running as well as you normally do and cause you to suffer injury at some points.

Avoiding runner problems on a regular basis is going to allow you to complete workouts and become a stronger runner.

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