What to wear for winter runs!

What to wear for winter runs

Brrrr. I woke up this morning with the temps outside close to freezing here in Tennessee. Not normal for this time of year that’s for sure. Which means it’s time to dig out my cold weather running gear from the back of my closet so that I can make it out the door without freezing to death. Depending on where you live and personal preference, the clothing you wear on a run when the temps dip will differ. But here is what I would consider essential when running in the cold (aside from the obvious good pair of running shoes):

1. A warm baselayer – This could be as simple as a long sleeve t-shirt and athletic pants. I prefer compression shirts and tights as they are made of materials that wick moisture away from the body, keeping you warm.

2. Outerwear – When the temps start dipping below freezing, you will need to add layers to your running clothing. A weather proof running jacket or athletic vest is perfect for this. The idea is to keep your core warm and protect your body from any rain/snow/sleet/wind, etc. that could crop up while your outside.

3. Socks – I am a big believer of wearing running socks when you run as they are often made of synthetic materials that wick away moisture and fit so that there is no friction and, thus, no blisters. In the winter months, I love Smartwool socks for the reasons above as well as the fact that they are super warm.

4. Headwear – It is essential that you wear something that will protect your head from the cold and elements. On the more brisk days, a cap or hat will suffice. I love my fleece lined headband that fits over my ears on days like these. Once the mercury dips below freezing, I bring out my thermal beanie to keep the heat in and the elements out.

5. Gloves – A good pair of running gloves are a good idea once the weather gets really cold or nasty.

6. Reflectors- With the cold weather also comes shorter days which means you are more likely to run in partial or total darkness. You will need to have something that will allow drivers to see you in the dark. Most running shoes and clothing will have some reflective material which helps. I recommend Nite Beams. They have all kinds of armbands, hats, visors, shoelaces and such that use LED lights. I love my armband which lights up hot pink. You can see these lights from about a quarter of a mile away. Between the reflective properties on my clothes and shoes, the lighted armband and the fact that I run against traffic, oncoming traffic gets a pretty good look at me.


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