Conditioning Tips for New Runners

conditioning tips for new runners

For those who are new to running, it can seem quite daunting.  You might start breathing hard within a few minutes of breaking into a jog, forcing you to slow down.  And if you don’t run continuously at a fast pace like all those experienced runners around you on the track or on the treadmill, you feel like you’re not good enough!  How do you get over these feelings of inadequacy and get into your own running groove?  Here are a few tips:

  1. Find a buddy who is just starting out.  If the problem is that you keep comparing yourself to others who are better than you, then the solution is obviously finding someone who is at the same level.  There are many people who want to start running but have the same fears that you do.  So ask around and see if any of your friends also want to start running.  Having someone to share notes with will help you to see that you’re not alone.
  2. Dress well.  If you start running in your old sweatpants and t-shirts, chances are you’ll feel a little bit down every time you go for a run.  Go to the mall and get  yourself some nice running clothes that fit you well.  It doesn’t hurt to throw in some bright colors too, to lift your mood every time you go for a run.  Soon, you’ll start associating that slight good feeling with running and you’ll look forward to every run.  If you lose weight after running for a few months and your clothes start looking big on you, get yourself some new ones that fit.  After all, you deserve it, for all the hard work you put into dropping those dress sizes.
  3. Reward yourself.  In the past, you may have rewarded yourself with unhealthy treats like a slab of chocolate or a pint of ice cream.  However, there must be some healthy treats that you like.  Maybe you love pomegranate juice but don’t buy it very often because it’s expensive.  Still, you could get it for yourself as a treat if you meet your running goals for the week.  If you can’t think of any healthy treats that you like, that’s probably because you haven’t looked around or tried many of the foods in that section of your supermarket.  Try out a few things that look interesting and you’ll be sure to hit upon something that appeals to  you and is also healthy.
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