Great Way to Ease Into Running

Are you thinking about running your first half marathon race? Or are you an experienced racer who’s been taking a break from running and hoping to get back into racing again? Then you might want to ease into it with a virtual run instead of running a traditional race. Continue reading to see why it could be to your benefit to run a virtual race first.

Allows You to Focus on Your Own Running

As fun as it is to run in a traditional race with a bunch of other runners, there’s definitely one big downside to it all. That is you can easily become distracted by everything that’s going on around you. Hence, it can become harder for you to stick to your running plan. You might try to take off running faster than you should, and then end up paying for it as you reach the second half of the race. On the other hand, if you run a virtual race first, you can more easily focus on your own breathing, running stride, and overall form throughout the entire race. You’ll finish the race knowing that you can reach your goal of completing a half marathon while sticking to your running plan. Then it will become easier for you to also stick with the plan when you do end up running traditional races again in the future.

Less for You to Worry About

When running a traditional race, you’re forced to finish within a certain amount of time. And if you haven’t been racing in a while, the time limit can become very stress-inducing for you. So much so that you might even try to skip using the portable toilet in order to save up some extra time for yourself. Obviously, you don’t want to do that. Therefore, if you wish to run a race without the stress of finishing within a set time limit, you should definitely try running a virtual race. You’ll have the power to earn a medal while racing on your own terms.

Will Run for Bling

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Will Run For Bling is a virtual race company offering virtual runs to help raise money for charities and offer runners across the world an opportunity to run for some of the best BLING!