How to Run Longer



How to Run Longer: 4 Off-Track Tips

#1: Breathing Control & Exercises – Breathing is one of the most important keys to teaching the body and mind how to run longer. Indeed, most intense exercises, from running to boxing, weight-lifting, and all forms of aerobic and anaerobic activity, require mastery of deep breathing. During your normal day, it’s important to not hold your stomach in and allow your breathing to continually take place by filling the diaphragm full of air and exhaling fully. There are also numerous breathing exercises you can practice to enhance breathing and lung capacity, such as holding breath and letting it out slowly.

#2: Meditation – Not only do many meditations involve breathing exercises that are beneficial to running longer, but they also involve encouraging the mind and body to work together to create higher states of consciousness. While this may sound unimportant to running longer, the euphoria experienced during a relaxing or rejuvenating meditation is very similar to the experience of a “runner’s high.” This exalted feeling is easier to attain while running when you practice regular meditation, which can significantly increase the amount of time you both think and feel you can run.

#3: Continual Stretching – Of course you know to stretch before and after you run, and to do daily stretching exercises to strengthen and lengthen muscles tissue. Stretching, however, doesn’t have to stop with these scheduled events! When you are standing in line, sitting down, cooking, talking on the phone, or any other activity where any of your limbs or body is free to move: go ahead and stretch! The more you stretch, the greater the body benefits that will increase your running stamina!

#4: Starch & Protein Control – It’s important not to weigh the body down with starches, particularly sugars that metabolize far too quickly, such as anything made with high fructose corn syrup, and yeasty foods, which stick to the body like glue and are very difficult to digest. It’s also important to get enough protein when you’re a runner who wants to run longer! Choose lean proteins like fish, and substitute starchy snacks with protein-packed nuts, organic cottage cheese, and plain yogurt! The more your body is balanced by healthy, natural foods and quality protein sources, the more endurance you will have while running!

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