Inspiration for New Runners

Inspiration for runners sometimes goes beyond the proven facts stating running will improve your overall lifestyle.  Running of course is a great stress reliever, can assist in weight loss, helps tone muscles and so many more benefits.  Yet so many people find it difficult to find the time to run.

Life Happens:  There are always reasons or excuses; life happens, there is not enough time in the day, I can run tomorrow.

Virtual Run:  It can be difficult to find the time to run; even seasoned runners struggle with finding the time.  That’s why a virtual run is a great choice.  Once registered the accountability factor is in play.  Suddenly you will find the time to squeeze in that scheduled run and maybe a little more.  Check out this cool virtual run The Galaxy Run.

Why a Virtual Run:  There are many positives to a virtual run.  No early mornings if that is not your thing.  The forecast is calling for snow on Saturday; run indoors on a track or treadmill or wait until Tuesday to run your virtual run.  As an organized run, virtual runs donate to a variety of charities.  What a great benefit to running.

Enthusiastic:  After you have completed your virtual run there is reason for celebration.  You have now reached  your goal.  You may have noticed during training that running was becoming part of your lifestyle and you enjoy it!  Overall you’re feeling “great”.  Now you are thinking, “Why was I not running before?”.  Sometimes all it takes is the right kind of run; a virtual run, a stylish piece of bling and helping others to have you hooked on running and a healthy lifestyle.

Will Run for Bling

About Will Run for Bling

Will Run For Bling is a virtual race company offering virtual runs to help raise money for charities and offer runners across the world an opportunity to run for some of the best BLING!