Learn How to Run Faster in 1 Week

How to run faster is something that runners have always asked. Many people have even gone to great lengths to answer this question. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of direction given about the proper way to program your body to run faster.

Truthfully, unless you’re training at your maximum, you’re slowing yourself down. Evidence for this lies in the fact that the more sprints you do, the slower times you receive. Virtually the same thing is also true about weight training. Most people who try these exercises find that they actually slow them down.

 So, now that you know what doesn’t work, you’re probably wondering if there really is a way in which to make yourself run faster. Well, there is.

The answer to how to run faster actually is found in working from the inside out. In other words, you’ll need to reprogram your nervous system so that it outputs 100% all the time. While this sounds complicated, it’s actually quite easy. All you need to do is use isometric exercises in the proper position for a week and you’ll see yourself running faster.

Isometric exercises are a form of strength training in which you teach your joints and muscles not to change while contracting. Examples of such exercises include squats, lunges and push ups. when performed correctly within the running position for a period of 5 minutes, it’s almost as though you’re doing 5 minutes of sprinting. This is why you’ll see drastic results in just one week!

This really is the answer to the age-old question, “How do I run faster?”

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