Practical Tips for Those New to Running

If you are new to running, you will hear a lot of tips from those who run already. You may also read and self-educate to prepare. However, there are some things you really only learn by doing, or directly from someone who has learned by doing.

Here are a few practice tips for those new to running:

  • It’s all about the shoes – Your running shoes will be incredibly important. Always try to get a professional fitting and choose a proper shoe, fit for you.
  • Walk before you run – Unless you are a seasoned athlete, you should walk before you just jump into running. You need to train your body and muscles to move for running and you want to work up to it gradually. Otherwise, you’ll be sitting around icing sore muscles and joints and it can cause a distaste for running from the start.
  • Eat well – Diet is very important to having an enjoyable run. Eating a healthy, balanced diet of regular meals gives your body the fuel it needs for running.
  • Get your beauty sleep – You also need to get enough rest. Even if you think you’re fine on only 4 hours of sleep, your body will feel it and it won’t function as well as it could with proper sleep.
  • Use a running program – There are many good running programs out there, like the Couch to 5K, that you can choose from. A running program is not a requirement to run but it sure can help a great deal. It will guide you through the training process and take the guesswork out of how much and how far you should run each time.

You may be surprised to hear that “just get out there and run” is not an included tip. Sure, “Just Do It” works for more than just Nike but many people injure themselves running without any training or knowledge of how to do so correctly and this creates a negative experience for them and often even causes them to stop running completely.

If you’re part of a running community, take advantage of the opportunity to bond with others who share your passion. There are even some online running communities that organize virtual runs together and you can get real life bling! Earn awards, make friends and train to be a better runner all in one place. This community atmosphere will prove very helpful in time, especially on days where you just might not feel very motivated.

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