Protein Bars to Add to Your Runner Diet

Dieting as a runner presents its own set of unique challenges. The main one being that despite trying to lose weight, you’ll still need to consume enough protein and carbohydrates to give you enough fuel to run all of your scheduled runs. Hence, greatly restricting your caloric intake while training isn’t the greatest of ideas. In fact, if you really want to lose weight while training for a race, one of the best ways to do so is actually to eat more times throughout the day. And for the sake of convenience, one of the easiest ways to do so is to incorporate protein bars to your runner diet. Keep reading to learn more about two of the best protein bar options on the market today.

Keep it Simple with a Larabar

Despite the great convenience and portability of protein bars, many health enthusiasts are turned off by the many processed ingredients used in the typical protein bar. For anyone concerned about eating food with too many hard to pronounced ingredients, the answer lies in a Larabar. Made of nine ingredients or less, a Larabar is entirely made up of whole foods like dates and almonds. Thus, you won’t feel guilty at all for eating one before, during, or after your next run.

Indulge Your Chocolate Cravings with a NuGo Bar

Ever wished your protein bar was as tasty as a candy bar? Well, your wish has been granted in the form of a NuGo bar. Made of real dark chocolate, a NuGo bar tastes just like a chocolate candy bar. Therefore, it is perfect for giving you the fuel you need to run one of our virtual races.

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