Sign a Contract with Yourself!

sign a contract with yourself
Different people have come up with different ways of motivating themselves to keep running, eat well and be healthy.  There are a number of books, magazines and DVDs out there which recommend different diets and running-related workouts.  Self-help guru Julia Cameron has also come up with another way of looking within and finding the motivation you need to keep going.  She suggests signing a contract with yourself.

Business Contracts vs. Contracts for Personal Goals

Signing a contract with yourself may sound like a strange idea to begin with.  You sign contracts with companies when you take on certain forms of employment.  Or maybe you sign contracts with landlords when you decide to rent a certain place.

Most people think of contracts as business agreements which don’t have much place in your personal life.  But you can use contracts to accomplish personal goals as well.  There’s something solid about writing down your aims with the intention of accomplishing them in a certain period of time.

Sample Contract for Running and Fitness

If you’re a runner, your contract with yourself could go something like this: “I, Jane Doe, am signing this contract with myself to run regularly for the next six months.  Barring ill-health, I will attempt to run ___ miles ____ days of the week.  I will treat my body well, providing it with nourishing food and nutrients that will keep me going.  I will weigh myself only once a week so that I don’t keep obsessing over my weight.  Instead, I will focus on being healthy and improving my general wellbeing.”  At the end of the contract, you could leave a space for your signature and include the date.

The next step is to frame the contract and put it up in a place where you’ll see it everyday.  Make sure that the contract is on nice quality paper which will give you a subliminal cue that you need to take it seriously.

Visualization and Weight Loss

Does a contract of this type really provide inspiration for runners?  If you go by what Rhonda Byrne writes in her book The Secret, everything you surround yourself with in your home functions as a visualization, either positive or negative.  The more you remind yourself of your aims and goals with the help of images or words around you, the more likely you are to spark off ideas that will eventually lead you into fulfilling those goals.

Don’t rely on the contract exclusively to keep running or stay healthy.  Just use it as yet another element that will help you fulfill your goals.  Contact us for more information on motivating yourself to run and be healthy.

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