Stay Motivated in the Summer

It’s the middle of the summer, and after working hard in the heat, it can be hard to stay motivated and outside with the beating sun. Here are a few, fun (and mostly cool) inspirational ways for runners to run through the summer.

1. Run through the rain.

Summer rain storms are a refreshing way to get outside, especially if it’s been hot during your previous runs. And while most people might pick a rainy day as their immediate rest day or go to the gym, running through the rain gives you a new sense of running through various obstacles and weather. Just make sure to avoid running during a lightning storm.

3. Run on the beach.

If you live near a beach or can travel to one, take advantage of the shores during low tide and run on the sand. Not only does it give you a break from your usual routine, but the spray and wind from the beach can get you feeling cooler, while giving you a work out. Running on the beach can also strengthen shins, thighs, glutes, core strength and feet.

4. Find the trails.

Trails are great to find and run through during the summer, since there’s plenty of natural shade from the tree cover. In addition, trails don’t radiate heat from the bottom, as what happens when you run through neighborhoods and asphalt. Not only does the uneven terrain help you strengthen your reflexes and muscles, but trails can also give you the breath of fresh, earthy air needed after running through hot atmospheres around home.

5. Get in the water.

Aquajogging is a great way to get in a workout or a long run, without pounding on hard surfaces. On those really hot days, jump into the water and start jogging around a deep end. You don’t have to do it in a pool either–pick a local pond, lake or swimming hole where you can run in the waters at different speeds and patterns. Not only does it give your joints a break, but it also develops strong muscles without the hard impact of typical running.

With these 5 ways to get a run in during the summer, your training doesn’t have to stall once the thermometer soars. These different methods of running can be just the inspirational boost you need to keep jogging through the season.

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