The Benefits of a Virtual Run

Benefits of a virtual run

There are many benefits to a virtual run. Here are 5 benefits to participating in a virtual run.

  • Convenience

Obviously, the most popular reason to participate in a virtual run is the convenience of being able to run anywhere. Whether it is around your block, on the treadmill or even in a separate race. This freedom offers the convenience of time and money. All races have registration fees, but the time and travel to get to and from races can be expensive and stressful.

Virtual runs also offer, not only one day and time to run, but usually a whole week, at any time of day, in which you can complete the run.

  • Charities

Sometimes you may want to support a charity that is especially meaningful to you through running, but for the same reasons listed above (lack of time, difficulties in traveling, previous obligations), you can’t. But through the convenience of virtual runs, you can support your favorite charities.

Which each virtual run offered through Will Run for Bling and Charity, a charity is receiving donations, support and spreading awareness.

  • Bling

Let’s be honest, earning medals is fun. When you participate in virtual runs with Will Run for Bling and Charity, you earn bling with every race. Each bling is unique to the race, marking your individual accomplishments and progress with each race.

  • Connect with friends, family and the running community.

The great thing about virtual runs is that anyone can join! So if you have family or friends that live far away, you can connect with them be creating joint running goals and participating in the same virtual run. Virtual runs also can give runners a sense of a running community, even if they live in rural or out in the middle of no where locations

  • Perfect for Beginners

Race events can be intimidating for beginner racers. The crowds, noise, knowing that your run will be timed, and let’s face it, the other, more experienced runners, can all potentially cause unwanted stress and pressure.

It’s important to not let anyone or your environment ruin your love for running. But if you need to ease yourself into the racing world, virtual runs are the perfect next step! Virtual runs enable you to join the running community and encourage you to push yourself to the next level, without the pressures and stress of competing with other athletes.

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