The Form To Running Faster

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Runners can be interested in different things, depending on their background, their ability, their intentions, and even their moods.  A runner may be mostly interested in the feeling that comes from the exercise.  They might be interested in the exercise itself, and the strength that comes from it.  They might be interested in training for distance, or they may simply be interested in training for speed.  Running is often all about speed, and there’s nothing wrong with training to get faster.  One thing that will almost instantly increase your speed is improving your running form.  Here are a few tips as to what proper running form looks like.


When you run, look out in front of you, instead of down.  This will keep everything lined up in your back and neck.


Your hips should stay aligned with your torso and facing forward.  This will also help in making sure everything lines up.


Your arms can swing back and forth a little, a right angle at the elbow.  Make sure everything stays loose, and especially that you’re not pulling your arms into your body.


Your knees actually don’t have to come up as high as you might think they do.  They only have to come up enough to move your foot to the next place without catching anything.  If you are sprinting, you may have to lift your knees a little more, but focus mostly on making your strides shorter and faster.  Make sure your knees are bent a little when your foot lands so as to absorb the weight.


Each step should fall directly underneath your body, starting with the heel and rolling towards the toe.  Then you can push to propel yourself forward into the next step.

Already feel better about your running form?  Using these tips should not only make you faster almost instantly, but also help make you faster in the long run.  They’ll also help you stay safe and healthy.  Best of luck in your next run!

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