For Those Who Are New to Running

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Overtime at work, having to make dinner and Game of Thrones are pretty high on the list for reasons people don’t have time to exercise. The idea of actually putting on work out attire and going outside for a run is just exhausting. If you could run a 5K from the comfort of your own home, how awesome would that be? Well, for the masses who are new to running, Will Run for Bling can be your gateway to a runner’s high.

Will Run for Bling utilizes a new concept called virtual runs. Instead of trying to shoehorn in a marathon into what may already be a busy schedule, virtual runs allow you to run whenever and where ever best suits you. If you are anything like me and you have health concerns that you may not be able to handle weather conditions, rough terrain, or any of the myriad of potential real life issues, you can feel safe and comfortable on the treadmill in your own home or your favorite gym. Races are still run for charities, so you can still get the feel goods for supporting a worthy cause. Also, as a super bonus, virtual runners still receive “bling” (finisher’s medals) for all races they complete. Will Run for Bling provides tons of motivation for those that may not know just how much they can accomplish.

All races are run by the honor system, so it is completely in the hands of the runner to actually do what they say they’ve done. The power is 100% in your hands. There is, however, a wonderful community of people through the Will Run for Bling Facebook page that would love to see your completion photos and hear your story. Just because you’re at home, doesn’t mean you have to run alone.

So, if you’re short on time or short on confidence, give virtual running a try. Check out Will Run for Bling’s program and get moving. You may be pleasantly surprised at how much you can accomplish at home.

Will Run for Bling

About Will Run for Bling

Will Run For Bling is a virtual race company offering virtual runs to help raise money for charities and offer runners across the world an opportunity to run for some of the best BLING!