Motivation for New Moms to Run

Mother Runners
One of the greatest concerns for new moms is to find the quickest way to get back to not looking pregnant. Hence, new mothers do their research and discover that running is a fantastic option for reaching their goal of losing weight. Unfortunately, they soon realize that getting motivated to run on a weekly basis isn’t exactly facile. That’s when they start planning to run for a charitable cause via a half marathon.

Traveling Becomes Complicated with an Infant

The problem with running organized half marathon events is that you will most likely have to travel to some extent. And traveling with a baby can be taxing for new moms. Therefore, such organized events might not be the best option for a new mother. A better choice would be to run a virtual half marathon.

All the Benefits Without the Struggles

Running a virtual half marathon will award you many of the same benefits of participating in a traditional half marathon race. You’ll still have the satisfaction of completing 13.1 miles, and you’ll still get the coveted medal at the end. Yet you won’t have to travel anywhere that’s inconvenient for you or your baby. If you want, you can even run the half marathon right in your neighborhood. As for your baby, if you’re unable to find a sitter to watch the little one while you’re out running, you can just take the baby with you. Use a jogging stroller. Your baby will enjoy the ride, and you’ll have the cutest personal spectator for your run!

Virtual Half Marathons Motivate New Moms to Run

Once you have signed up for a half marathon, you’ll be less inclined to skip your weekly runs. That’s especially true if you start telling people about your half marathon plans. Because they will definitely start asking you about how your half marathon training’s going, and you won’t want to have to tell them you’ve stopped running. So you’ll be highly motivated to run!

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