Wake Up With Early Morning Runs

Looking for a way to bring more inspiration and enjoyment to your daily run?  Try an early morning jog to wake up your body and mind!  If you’re sick of begrudgingly lacing up your sneaks after a long day at the office, a sunrise run may be just the cure.  Moving your muscles early in the morning will bring about a sense of accomplishment that you can carry with you the rest of the day.  Additionally, an early morning run will provide you with the following perks:

1. Increased mental clarity: Use your run as a time to organize your day and/or week.  Plan out your goals for the day and strategize how you will accomplish them.

2. A jumpstart to your metabolism: An early morning run will get your blood pumping and will bring about hunger earlier in the day.  Keep up with your healthy habits and reward your body with a nutritious post-workout meal like a smoothie or an egg sandwich.

3. Bragging rights: While your coworkers stumble groggily into the office, gulping down lattes and cappuccinos, you’ll be energetic and ready to go for the day!  Take pride knowing that you’ve already checked one thing off your to-do list, and bask in the expression of envy that you’ll see on every co-workers’ face when you tell them what you’ve already accomplished.

4. Free evening: With your workout behind you, you now have the evening to do whatever you’d like.  Make a healthy dinner.  Read a good book.  Spend time with friends and family.  Do whatever makes you happy, and before you go to bed, plan out your running schedule for the days ahead.  See if you can get in another morning run, and if you do, you can yet again enjoy the same perks that brought a smile to your face today

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